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Our Practice Areas

I. Sustainability Advisory Services

  1. Sustainability Advisory
  2. Sustainability Disclosure, Reporting, and Assurance
  3. Sustainable Finance and Responsible
  4. Investment
  5. Climate Action and Net Zero Plans

II. Enterprise Support Services

  1. Enterprise Development Programs
  2. Business Strategy and Operational Excellence
  3. Risk Management and Compliance Services
  4. Women’s Economic Empowerment and
  5. Resource Mobilization and Fundraising

III. Impact Assessment

  1. Impact Assessment and Reporting
  2. Carbon Footprint Assessment and Carbon
  3. Credits Advisory
  4. Responsible Sourcing
  5. Environmental and Social
  6. Due Diligence and Transaction Support
  7. Monitoring and Evaluation

IV. Training and Capacity Building

Impact Africa Consulting Limited
  1. GRI Certification Training
  2. Gender Mainstreaming and Policy Advocacy for NGOs Course
  3. Resource Mobilization Training
  4. Executives Sustainability Masterclass
  5. Sustainability Practitioners Course for
    Sustainability Champions
  6. Transitioning and Thriving in a Sustainability
    Career Course
  7. Health Security and Safety Course for Senior
  8. Sustainability Practitioners Fellowship
  9. Customized Industry-Specific Training