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Practice Areas

Carbon Footprint Assessment and Carbon Credits

We support companies and organization to Measure, Review and Verify (MRV) their Green House Gases (GHG) emissions in line with global international standards.

Training and Capacity Building Programs

We support individuals and organizations to build their capacities on sustainability and climate change. We offer open courses, and customized courses.

Climate action and Net Zero plans

We support organization to develop and deploy climate action strategies and Net Zero Action plans that include conducting climate risks assessment, product life

Sustainability Advisory

We support organization to mainstream sustainability within their operations by developing bespoke solutions that include e-learning modules, manuals

Impact Assessment

Companies are becoming increasingly cognizant of the direct and indirect impacts that their products and services have on various communities.

Research and data analytics

Business decisions are informed by insights and foresights. We source and crunch big data to assists organizations make informed sustainable decisions.

Sustainability Disclosure, Reporting and Assurance

Sustainability reporting is moving from a voluntary to a mandatory initiative backed by policy and regulatory frameworks

Sustainable finance and responsible investment

Leading financial institutions (FIs); Commercial banks, Venture Capitalist, Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), and Angel investors are proactively

Enterprise Development Programs

We work with various development agencies and other entities to design, implement and manage various Enterprise development programs


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