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Sustainability Practitioners Fellowship 2024

Join us in fostering sustainable practices across Africa. Gain enhanced skills, cross-sector collaboration, and investment tips. Build global partnerships for long-term impact. Become part of a strengthened sustainability community and build global partnerships for long-term impact.

This fellowship underscores Impact Africa Consulting’s commitment to sustainability throughout Africa. 

Introducing the "Sustainability Practitioners Fellowship"

This fellowship exemplifies Impact Africa Consulting’s dedication to sustainability in Africa, operating fee-free as part of our Corporate Social Investment. Nurturing an annual cohort of practitioners fosters long-term sustainability.

We cultivate a competitive edge with a rigorous selection, identifying 30 sustainability practitioners in Africa.

Selected practitioners gain access to networks, tools, curated knowledge and a capacity-building program designed .

We recognize Africa's sustainability pioneers for their invaluable impact as change agents in their organizations.

The fellowship acts as a platform for networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange among sustainability practitioners.

Ready to make a difference? Apply for the Sustainability Practitioners Fellowship today and help drive sustainable practices across the continent.

Who we are looking for

We want to identify sustainability excellence in Africa, inspire change, empower practitioners, and ensure long-term impact.

  • Sustainability practitioners: Professionals actively engaged in sustainability initiatives within their organizations across Africa.
  • Individuals working in businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government agencies, and other institutions with a vested interest in sustainability.
  • Individuals offering specialized services, tools, and resources related to sustainability.
  • International stakeholders are interested in collaborating with African sustainability practitioners to promote global sustainability goals.
  • Sustainability educators and researchers
  • Individuals working as investors and financial institutions with a focus on sustainability.
  • Journalists, communicators, and media outlets are interested in covering and promoting sustainability in Africa.

Elevate your impact! Apply for the Sustainability Practitioners Fellowship and gain the tools, skills, and connections to lead sustainability efforts in Africa.

Benefits You will GAIN

Selected fellowship recipients will enjoy the following benefits:

Recognition as one of Africa's top sustainability practitioners.

Access to specialized resources and tools.

Networking with fellow practitioners and experts.

Increased visibility and media exposure for sustainability.

Opportunities for collaboration with diverse stakeholders.

Capacity-building and knowledge-sharing experiences.


To be eligible for the Sustainability Practitioners Fellowship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be actively involved in sustainability initiatives within an organization operating in Africa.
  • Demonstrate a significant impact on sustainability within their organization or community.
  • Show a commitment to continuous learning and improvement in sustainability practices.

Selection Criteria

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The selection process for the Sustainability Practitioners Fellowship 2024 will be thorough and based on a comprehensive set of criteria to identify and recognize outstanding sustainability practitioners in Africa. Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Evidence of tangible and measurable impact on sustainability initiatives within the organization or community.
  • Description of specific sustainability projects, programs, or actions undertaken and their outcomes.
  • Use of quantifiable data or metrics to support the demonstrated impact of sustainability efforts.
  • Demonstrated commitment to sustainability as a core value and integral part of their professional role.
  • Evidence of leadership in promoting sustainability practices, including the ability to inspire and engage others.
  • Participation in sustainability-related leadership roles, committees, or initiatives.
  • Demonstration of innovative and creative approaches to addressing sustainability challenges.
  • Introduction of novel solutions or practices that contribute to the advancement of sustainability goals.
  • Evidence of adaptability and willingness to explore new ideas and technologies.
  • Evidence of effective collaboration with diverse stakeholders, both within and outside the organization.
  • Participation in partnerships, collaborations, or initiatives that promote sustainability at a broader scale.
  • Engagement with community or external organizations to address sustainability issues.
  • Contribution to knowledge sharing and capacity-building efforts related to sustainability.
  • Involvement in mentorship, training, or educational programs to promote sustainability practices.
  • Sharing of expertise through publications, presentations, or workshops.
  • Endorsement from the applicant's organization, highlighting the significance of their sustainability contributions.
  • Evidence of how sustainability initiatives have positively impacted the organization's operations, reputation, or bottom line.
  • Integration of sustainability principles into the organization's strategies and decision-making processes.

Any additional factors that demonstrate the applicant's exceptional dedication, passion, or unique contributions to sustainability may be considered.

The total points attainable through the selection criteria are 105 points. The selection committee will assess each applicant's submission based on these criteria, with a maximum score of 100 points achievable. The additional 5 points provide flexibility for recognizing exceptional qualities that may not fit into the predefined criteria.

Applicants are encouraged to provide clear and compelling evidence for each criterion to enhance their chances of being selected as one of the top 30 sustainability practitioners in Africa for the Sustainability Practitioners Fellowship 2024.

After a rigorous evaluation process based on the comprehensive selection criteria, the top 30 sustainability practitioners in Africa will be selected and will be trained on a curriculum for one week, after which those who complete the training successfully will be announced as the recipients of the Sustainability Practitioners Fellowship 2024. These fellows will receive recognition and a range of benefits to further support their commitment to sustainability. Following the fellowships ceremony, the selected practitioners will become part of a network of sustainability leaders. They will have the opportunity to engage in knowledge-sharing sessions, collaborate on sustainability initiatives, and participate in capacity-building workshops. These post-fellowship engagements aim to foster ongoing growth and collaboration within the sustainability community. Additionally, the fellowship recipients will gain access to specialized resources and tools to enhance their sustainability efforts, strengthening their capacity to drive positive change within their organizations and communities. The program will also facilitate media coverage to showcase the recipients' achievements, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. As these practitioners continue their sustainability journey, the Sustainability Practitioners Fellowship will provide ongoing support and recognition, ensuring that their contributions to sustainability in Africa continue to make a lasting impact. We encourage all eligible individuals and organizations committed to advancing sustainability in Africa to seize this opportunity and apply for the Sustainability Practitioners Fellowship. Together, we can drive meaningful change and promote sustainable practices across the continent.


Fellowship cohort 1

This fellowship exemplifies Impact Africa Consulting’s dedication to sustainability in Africa, operating fee-free as part of our Corporate Social Investment. Nurturing an annual cohort of practitioners fosters long-term sustainability.

Meron Yohannes


Kimbowa Richard


Maya Selim


Mandla Nkambule


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