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Sustainability Advisory Services

Sustainability Advisory Services

1. Sustainability/ESG Strategy Development

We assist organizations in creating comprehensive sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies that align with their core values and long-term objectives. We support sustainable supply chain management and proactively mitigate Sustainability risks. Our approach includes stakeholder engagement, materiality assessment, and strategic roadmaps to drive sustainable growth.

Our services encompass ethical supplier code development, green innovation, and effective sustainability policies. Our output includes developing sustainability strategies, materiality assessment, ESG implementation plan development sustainable supplier code of conduct development, pioneering in green innovation, crafting impactful sustainability policies. These deliverables are designed to elevate your organization's sustainability profile.

2. ⁠Sustainability Reporting and Assurance Services

We provide end-to-end support in sustainability reporting, ensuring compliance with global standards such as GRI, SASB, TCFD and alignment to UN SDGs. We focus on delivering concrete outputs in Sustainability Disclosure, Reporting, and Assurance. Our assurance services enhance the credibility and transparency of your reports, fostering stakeholder trust and confidence. The services also include verified and assured reports that stand out for their credibility and transparency, aiding in navigating the complex terrain of sustainability reporting. We provide the tools and insights necessary for effective communication of your sustainability commitments and achievements.

3. ⁠Carbon Credit Advisory Services

We offer strategic advisory on carbon credit mechanisms, helping businesses navigate carbon markets and develop effective carbon reduction strategies as well as development of carbon projects. Our services include carbon footprint measurement, verification, and guidance on leveraging carbon credits for financial and environmental benefits, adhering to international standards like the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Our service outputs include detailed carbon footprint quantification and strategic advisory on carbon credit mechanisms. We enable businesses to engage effectively with carbon markets, offering guidance on carbon credit strategies and the development of carbon projects including carrying out of the feasibility studies.

4. ⁠Climate Risk and Opportunities Advisory Services

Our advisory services identify and assess climate-related risks and opportunities, enabling organizations to build resilience and capitalize on emerging trends. We provide insights and strategies to mitigate risks and enhance adaptive capacity in the face of climate change. We are focused on delivering comprehensive climate risk assessments, detailed product life cycle analyses, and well-structured transition strategies. We specialize in crafting actionable climate action strategies and effective Net Zero Implementation plans, providing a clear roadmap for your organization to lead in environmental stewardship. We position your organization as a proactive leader in the fight against climate change.

5. ⁠Sustainable Finance and Responsible Investment Advisory Services

We support organizations in integrating sustainability into their financial strategies and investment decisions. Our services include sustainable finance frameworks, ESG investment analysis, and guidance on responsible investment practices to drive positive environmental and social impact. We provide solutions that integrate ESG into financial decision-making, encompassing risk mitigation strategies, green financing solutions, and innovative approaches to sustainable resource mobilization.

Our services in Sustainable Finance and Responsible Investment are geared towards producing specific outputs that include identifying and capitalizing on sustainable investment opportunities, aligning projects with financiers' objectives, and developing compelling funding proposals.