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Training and Capacity Building

Training and Capacity Building

We offer the following training and capacity-building programs through our Impact Africa Academy. All these training programs will earn you a digital certificate and badge for you to showcase your skills to the world and gain industry recognition:

1. Certification Training

We offer certification training including GRI Certification Training meant to train you how to effectively prepare sustainability reports using GRI Standards with our GRI-Certified Training. This course covers the essentials of sustainability reporting, including conducting materiality assessments, stakeholder engagement, and linking sustainability efforts to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the value of sustainability reporting and how it relates to broader sustainable development objectives. They will also gain a globally recognized certification.

2. ⁠⁠⁠Training for Sustainability Leaders and Practitioners

We offer an Executives Sustainability Masterclass course aimed at senior leaders and ESG professionals. This masterclass enhances participants' skills in ESG reporting and strategic sustainability management. The course covers ESG reporting principles, and materiality matrices, and addresses corporate pressures and stakeholder expectations to improve risk identification and drive business success.

We also offer the Sustainability Practitioners Course for Sustainability Champions course. This comprehensive program for sustainability champions combines strategic frameworks, business innovation, and advanced sustainability knowledge. This course is delivered through a mix of live online and face-to-face sessions, designed to equip participants with leadership skills and sustainability expertise to effectively champion sustainability initiatives within their organizations.

3. Training for NGOs

We have a course on Gender Mainstreaming and Policy Advocacy for NGOs which focuses on equipping participants with the knowledge and tools to implement gender mainstreaming and advocate for gender-related policies effectively. It is designed for NGOs looking to enhance their impact on gender equality through informed policy advocacy and strategic initiatives that promote gender inclusivity in various societal sectors.

We also offer a Resource Mobilization Training course which seeks to strengthen your ability to secure vital resources by teaching effective strategies for fundraising and resource acquisition, critical for NGOs, community organizations, and startups seeking to enhance their operational capacities and expand their impact.

4. ⁠Customized Training for Corporates

We offer Customized Industry-Specific Training tailored to meet the specific needs of different industries. The customized training programs incorporate Agile (SCRUM) management principles to improve team efficiency and product value. The courses integrate sustainability into core business practices, helping organizations align their operations with sustainable development goals and gain a competitive edge in their fields.

We also have the Health Security and Safety Course for Senior Management to enhance the knowledge of health security and safety management. This training focuses on implementing robust health and safety policies that protect employees and ensure compliance with national and international health guidelines and regulations.

5. From Beginner to Advanced Sustainability Training

We have a course called Transitioning and Thriving in a Sustainability Career which provides guidance and tools for professionals looking to transition into or advance within sustainability-focused careers. It covers key competencies required in the field, emerging trends, and practical advice on thriving in various roles dedicated to promoting sustainability.

Additionally, each year we run the Sustainability Practitioners Fellowship; a free resource meant to foster sustainable practices across Africa. Each year, we pick 35 practitioners, from at least 20 African countries, in a competitive process and put them in a fellowship where they gain enhanced sustainability skills, cross-sector collaboration, and investment tips.