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Sustainability Practitioners Course for Sustainability Champions


We offer a cutting-edge and impactful training program with a powerful combination of strategic frameworks, business innovation, and sustainability expertise you will only experience at Impact Africa Consulting Limited.

This unique course includes live online and face-to-face training sessions with our seasoned global sustainability expert. It is meant to empower aspiring, emerging, and experienced sustainability practitioners with business and personal leadership skills combined with cutting-edge sustainability perspectives to develop, promote, lead, and measure the impact of sustainability across your organization more effectively.


Become a more effective and informed sustainability leader to advocate for and accelerate change across your organization:

  1. Enhance your ability to make the strategic, business, and value-creation case for sustainability initiatives.
  2. Explore the economics of sustainable business models, frameworks for innovation, and the role of systems leadership in the sustainability space.
  3. Blend strategic leadership skills with sustainability literacy to develop sustainable business strategies, realize competitive advantages, and create economic value for your organization.
  4. Become a more effective leader, communicator, and decision-maker to act with power, scale behavioral change, and tell your organization’s sustainability story.
  5. Expand your breadth of knowledge about key sustainability topics and trends to better manage risks and capitalize on opportunities.
  6. Gain an understanding of the role of regulation in advancing ESG while looking at “G” as the driver for excellence.
  7. Enhance your understanding of the ESG value creation model.
  8. Effectively convey ESG reporting while avoiding greenwashing.


The program delivers a curriculum unlike any created and taught by a renowned global sustainability expert with over 20 years of experience in training sustainability in various sectors. This interdisciplinary approach will give you multiple perspectives and insights from his expertise in strategy development, innovation, climate change, and more. It is uniquely designed to help experienced and emerging sustainability leaders make a powerful impact on their organizations and the world.

The Course is Designed For

  • Experienced, emerging, and aspiring sustainability practitioners who are looking to build their skills and knowledge to become more effective and strategic sustainability champions.
  • Sustainability leaders who are motivated to lead and ignite change in their organizations — from any industry and country

Program Special Features

  • Expert facilitator: The course is delivered by a global sustainability consultant who has in-depth experience in sustainability and ESG strategies implementation and reporting.
  • Participants will have a chance to form a supportive community platform
  • Continuous learning and support: Participants will get ongoing support and resources after the course, access to updated course content, and networking opportunities to foster continuous learning and exchange of ideas.
  • A certified course with a certificate and a badge upon completion.

Program Delivery

Virtual and face-to-face sessions learning at our headquarters offices in Nairobi or physically at a location of your choice.

Program Duration

  • A 5-day course a virtual session
  • A 3-day course for half-day face-to-face sessions
  • A 2-day full-day face-to-face session
  • Six sessions with each session being once a week for 3 hours.

Program Facilitator

Dr. Edward Mungai, PhD Lead Consultant Certified Trainer, and a Global Sustainability Expert. INTAKE Ongoing on a rolling basis


Clients we have trained

Empowering sustainability practitioners to drive meaningful change, our course equips champions with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to navigate complex sustainability challenges and catalyze positive impact within their organizations and communities.

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