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IACL launches fellowship programme for sustainability practitioners

Impact Africa Consulting Limited (IACL) is delighted to announce the launch of the 2024 Sustainability Practitioners Fellowship, a pioneering initiative designed to empower sustainability professionals across Africa. This fellowship program represents a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing sustainable development practices across the continent. 

As a leader in sustainability consultancy, IACL recognizes the critical role of capacity building, knowledge sharing, and cross-sector collaboration in achieving long-term environmental and social goals. The Sustainability Practitioners Fellowship is our response to the growing need for a comprehensive platform that supports the development of skills and fosters a community of practice among sustainability experts in Africa. 

Dr. Edward Mungai, the visionary behind this initiative, emphasized the fellowship’s role in reinforcing Impact Africa Consulting’s Corporate Social Investment strategy. “We are committed to embedding sustainable development into the core operations of organizations and communities across Africa. Offering this fellowship at no cost is a testament to our dedication to expanding access to education and professional development in sustainability,” he stated. 

The fellowship is uniquely tailored for individuals actively engaged in sustainability work within their sectors, including business, non-profit organizations, government bodies, educational institutions, and the media. We aim to bring together a diverse group of professionals who are educators, researchers, investors, and journalists focused on sustainability, providing them with the tools and resources to amplify their impact. 

Participants in the fellowship will be recognized as leading figures in the field of sustainability, gaining access to a wealth of specialized resources, networking opportunities with leading experts, and increased visibility within the sustainability community. The program will include a series of capacity-building workshops and knowledge exchange sessions designed to enhance the effectiveness of sustainability practitioners. 

Kingsley Kalusha, our Southern African Regional Manager, echoed the sentiment of IACL’s leadership in driving sustainable practices. “The Sustainability Practitioners Fellowship 2024 is a key initiative in our quest to promote sustainable development across Africa. We encourage all professionals passionate about sustainability to apply and join us in this important work.” 

Eligibility for the fellowship requires demonstrated active engagement in sustainability initiatives, a significant impact on sustainability within one’s organization or community, and a commitment to continuous learning and improvement in sustainability practices. 

We invite applications for this transformative opportunity through the Impact Africa Consulting website until the 22nd of March 2024 at 5 PM GMT. The application process has been designed to be straightforward, allowing candidates to showcase their contributions to sustainability effectively. Further details and application guidelines can be found on our website, 

Impact Africa Consulting Limited is proud to lead this initiative, reaffirming our dedication to nurturing a generation of sustainability leaders who will drive the agenda for a more sustainable Africa. Join us in making a difference.