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Impact Africa Academy

Sustainability Academy launched for African countries

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Impact Africa Academy an initiative by Impact Africa Consulting Limited. Our mission is to impart crucial sustainability knowledge to leaders, practitioners, and enthusiasts across the African continent. The academy offers a range of free and paid courses tailored to various career levels, providing essential support to individuals transitioning into and thriving in sustainability careers. Corporates are set to benefit significantly from specialized training and advisory support.

Dr. Edward Mungai, our Partner, Lead Consultant, and Certified Trainer, has emphasized the academy’s critical role: “Africa faces unique sustainability challenges and opportunities. Our goal is to equip professionals and organizations with the knowledge and skills to drive sustainable development across the continent. By fostering a deep understanding of sustainability principles, we can make substantial progress towards a more sustainable future for Africa.”

At Impact Africa Academy, we offer a comprehensive suite of courses designed to meet diverse needs. These include the Sustainability Masterclass for Board and Senior Management, the Sustainability Practitioners Course for Sustainability Champions, Resource Mobilisation, Transition and Thrive in Sustainability, Health Security and Safety for Senior Management, and Gender Mainstreaming & Policy Advocacy. Several of these courses are available for free, while others are offered at a subsidized rate of 20-98%.

The need for sustainability in Africa is urgent. According to recent statistics, only a fraction of African businesses have fully integrated sustainable practices into their operations, despite the growing recognition of the importance of Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) factors. As global attention increasingly focuses on sustainability, African corporates must adopt these practices to remain competitive and resilient. Research has shown that consumers are gravitating towards sustainable products and thus, the future will only be profitable for organizations that adopt sustainability.

Owen Muruthi, one of our certified trainers, has remarked on the academy’s unique value proposition: “Our courses are designed to be practical and impactful, ensuring that participants can apply what they learn directly to their work. By empowering individuals and organizations with the right tools, we are helping to build a more sustainable Africa.”

One of the notable offerings of the academy is the GRI Certification training, which we launched at the beginning of this year. The program has already trained nearly 100 students from 9 African countries, equipping them with globally recognized sustainability reporting skills. Additionally, the Impact Africa Sustainability Practitioners Fellowship recently shortlisted 35 top practitioners from 19 African countries, highlighting our commitment to fostering excellence in sustainability leadership.

The accreditation process for our courses is conducted in partnership with Credly, ensuring that participants receive recognized and credible certification and digital badges upon completion. This partnership underscores Impact Africa Academy’s commitment to maintaining high standards of quality and excellence in sustainability education.

For more information about the Impact Africa Academy and its offerings, please visit or contact us at Join us on this transformative journey towards sustainability and be part of the change.