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Sustainability practitioners set to benefit from free fellowship

Sustainability professionals in Africa are set to benefit from advanced skills, cross-sectoral collaboration and insights into effective investment strategies after Impact Africa Consulting Limited (IACL) launched the Sustainability Practitioners Fellowship for 2024.

The fellowship aims to establish a strong network of sustainability practitioners and foster global partnerships for sustained impact as IACL continues to enhance sustainable development efforts across Africa.

The fellowship, which will be offered for free, will be awarded to the top 30 applicants from across Africa.

Speaking during the launch of the fellowship, Dr. Edward Mungai (PhD) said that the offer is a key component of Impact Africa Consulting’s Corporate Social Investment underscoring the firm’s commitment to integrating sustainable practices within organizations and communities throughout Africa.

“By offering the program without a fee, Impact Africa Consulting aims to broaden participation and drive significant advancements in sustainability as we inculcate sustainable development into the DNA of thousands of individuals who are driving the sustainability agenda across the content,” he said.

The fellowship is open to professionals actively involved in sustainability initiatives within their organizations.

This includes individuals from businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government agencies, and other relevant institutions.

It also welcomes sustainability educators, researchers, investors, and journalists focused on sustainability issues.

Selected participants will receive recognition as leading sustainability practitioners, access to specialized resources, networking opportunities with experts and peers, increased visibility, and chances for collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders.

The fellowship program also includes capacity-building and knowledge-sharing sessions tailored to bolster the participants’ effectiveness in promoting sustainability.

Kingsley Kalusha, IACL’s Southern African Regional Manager has reiterated that IACL is on the forefront of fostering sustainability across Africa by offering numerous initiatives aimed at effecting change, empowering practitioners, and ensuring long-term environmental and social responsibility.

“The introduction of the Sustainability Practitioners Fellowship 2024 marks a significant step in our mission to support sustainable development in Africa. We are welcoming practitioners of sustainability, and those who are enthusiastic about it, to come out and apply as we further this gospel,” he said.

For one to be eligible to apply in this fellowship, they will need to demonstrate active involvement in sustainability initiatives within an organization in Africa, a significant impact on sustainability in their organization or community, and a dedication to ongoing learning and improvement in sustainability practices.

Applications for the fellowship are being accepted through Impact Africa Consulting’s website until the deadline on 22 March 2024 at 5PM GMT.

The application process is structured to be user-friendly, enabling applicants to highlight their achievements and contributions to sustainability.

More information is available on the Impact Africa Consulting Limited website