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Sustainable Supply Chain Management

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Sustainable Supply Chain Management

We develop more socially responsible and sustainable supply chains by identifying key risks and opportunities, developing innovative solutions, measuring impact, and engaging with stakeholders.

We help our clients to integrate sustainability aspects into business supply chain management. Our tailored approach provides companies with the information they need to deal with the wide-ranging economic, social, and environmental challenges of supply chain management:

  • Supply chain mapping – We help create a clear understanding of the origin of materials and sourcing relationships in your supply chain to help identify potential risks and opportunities for the company and its suppliers.
  • Strategy development – We build our approach around your particular business needs to create an effective strategy to minimize the negative impacts and maximize the positive ones.
  • Impact measurement – We offer custom tools and approaches to measure the performance of your supply chain sustainability over time
  • Engagement – We help identify and facilitate opportunities to collaborate with stakeholders to embed sustainability in supply chain management systems