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Sustainability Advisory

Sustainability Advisory Services

Social, environmental and market changes have significant impacts on an organisation’s sustainability and long-term success. Impact Africa helps you in finding a balance between your interests and solutions to the challenges arising from the labour market, high cost of environmental resources and the social impact of your operations. Our sustainability services specialists help you identify opportunities to enhance your reputation, win and maintain market share, increase income and cut costs, and create reliable relationships with your stakeholders.

Sustainability consultancy services on a retainer basis to run the entire sustainability function as a Sustainability Agency with staff permanently assigned to your account.

In addition, we offer one-off services such as:

  • Assessments. To help the client better understand the changing context within which the world operates. Part of the assessment is to determine material issues for the organization and to set up goals & KPIs. 
  • Stakeholder Engagements. Stakeholder Dialogue and Engagement is a key steps in the establishment of robust sustainability programs. The stakeholder engagement and dialogue help to establish a set of engagement principles focused on openness and mutual trust, cooperative relationships, and constructive exchange of thoughts and ideas as a basis for mutual understanding.
  • Sustainability Policies. Formulation of sustainability policy to be linked to existing relevant policies. The policy will govern both internal and external stakeholders
  • Sustainability Strategy. Formulation of the Sustainability strategy should be ingrained in the overall organization’s strategy.
  • Sustainability reporting & Disclosure as per one or all of the following: The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards; Integrated reporting; as well as Impact measurement to articulate the Social Return on Investment (SROI) and build a sustainability business case.
  • Capacity building. Training of Board, Executive Committee, All levels of management, and the entire workforce. (Both In personal and Online training)
  • Responsible lending/ Green Financing by formulating a Social & Environmental Management System (SEMS) and incorporating Social & Environmental Due Diligence (SEDD) in the lending process.
  • Sustainability resource mobilization. Assisting organizations to secure Financing and or Funding such as financing from DFIs like IFC, prop Arco and access funding like Green Climate Fund (GCF)
  • Initiating an Internal Circular Economy to enhance efficiency in resource consumption & waste management (recycle, reuse) as well as monitor the organization’s carbon footprint.
  • Promote Community development by setting up a structured Foundation to handle Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the organization.
  • Integration/ implementation of Global & National best practices in addition to industry standards such as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); The Paris Climate Accord; IFC Performance Standards; Equator Principles; United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP, FI); UN Global Compact; ISO 14001 on Environmental Management System; and Sustainable Finance Initiative (SFI) Principles.