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Impact Africa Consulting Limited is the strategist of choice for entrepreneurial leaders and their management teams in leveraging their ambition and creativity to meet the challenges of regional and local competition.

We help such leaders enhance their organization’s competitive momentum by designing breakthrough solutions and generating major, transformative initiatives.
While we leverage world-class methodologies in our engagements, our way of thinking and doing strategy is driven by: ambition, speed, flexibility, optimal use of time, and maneuvering. Together, we work on a range of issues from optimizing resource allocation to new market entry and tackling evolving regulations, always doing so in a way that is clear, insightful, and practical.

Impact Africa Consulting delivers superior industry strategy consulting services across key areas including:

  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Innovations
  • Entrepreneurship

1. Strategy development and implementation

a) Corporate strategy and strategic planning; The Hackett Group works closely with clients to develop robust corporate and business unit strategies while building alignment across the organization. We provide industry-specific strategy consulting for fundamental strategic challenges such as market assessment, scenario planning, strategic planning process design, and alliance management.
b) Brand strategy, growth, and innovation; Impact Africa Consulting provides strategy consulting to help your business create new sources of revenue growth. Tailoring proven best practices to your particular business and industry, we will work with you to develop world-class innovation processes, fill your innovation pipeline with new products and services, and create distinctive brand strategies.
c) Organizational effectiveness Our strategy consulting services; can help you tap the full potential of your workforce. We offer deep expertise and experience in organizational design, including leading-edge solutions such as global business services and centers of excellence; as well as innovative approaches to leadership development, performance management, and other aspects of workforce development.
d) Mergers and acquisitions; The IAC strategy consulting can provide you with experienced, expert support for all facets of mergers and acquisitions including target identification and screening, due diligence, and post-merger integration.
e) Functional strategy; Our strategy consulting services include support for functional strategy development across all back-office operations including finance, human resources, procurement, and information technology. We can also help you with enterprise performance management solutions including best practice-based SAP implementation.

Our Approach

1. Top-level Strategy Management; Managing strategy at the top is about putting in place a management platform that enables connecting the organization’s long-term vision with specific strategic goals.
We help Boards, CEO and their top teams create the overarching framework and the management platform within which the organization can effectively set its strategic direction, deploy its key strategic initiatives and maximize operational impact. IAC achieves this by:

  • Establishing long-term vision – Defining and tuning a clear and compelling vision is crucial for unifying and focusing the organization’s efforts.
  • Linking strategy and governance – Effective Board involvement in the organization’s strategic process enhances the nature and extent of the organization’s strategic thinking.
  • Running the strategic management process – Strategic management is not what it used to be. It is changing from traditional goal setting to steering strategic ideas and processes.
  • Linking strategy and market valuation – Building shareholder value requires effectively linking strategic moves and capital structure management.

2. Setting Strategic Direction
Setting strategic directions requires being more creative than your competitors in envisioning the future business landscape, assessing what innovative approaches are necessary, and choosing the role the organization will play in shaping industry changes. This involves:

  • Sharpening the competitive focus– The concept of sustained competitive advantage is often elusive and still, the heart of business strategy consists of accurately determining which corporate battles to engage in and consistently developing the capabilities required to win.
  • Defining regionalization models and Africa business priorities – Expanding out of a unique home market is tricky. It necessitates outperforming local players with distinct local advantages as well as regional giants who leverage regional competitive assets and economies of scale.
  • Directing non-organic growth – Companies often reach a ‘glass ceiling’ to their organic growth. The challenge is to direct non-organic growth initiatives to adjacent businesses in order to maximize the probability of success in non-organic growth.
  • Developing national public policy – Government policy-makers must optimize the impact of regulation on markets, develop public assets and ensure effective delivery of services while considering a variety of stakeholder concerns.
  • Crafting non-profit strategy – Third-sector organizations face a constant challenge: maximize the impact of limited resources in advancing their vision and goals, while competing for public attention and philanthropic and public funds.

3. Deploying Strategic Intents
Having established the strategic direction, a high-performing organization deploys its strategic intents with high velocity and executes with all the energy required.
This means successively launching a new business and operating models as well as developing new assets and competencies that position the company ahead of its competitors.
To do so in a systematic and relentless manner, we join forces with our clients in an original execution-driven management framework.

  • Establishing and running an effective execution campaign – Strategy is “an art all of the execution” but the execution is often more complex than planning. An energetic, synchronized, and well-monitored campaign of rapid capability building and launching of new initiatives (often referred to as a PMO) maximizes the returns of a well-conceived strategy.
  • Creating innovative business models – Effective design of new business models is key to seizing upon discontinuities in the environment earlier, faster, and more effectively than competitors.
  • Aligning people with strategy – Precise design of structure, processes, and incentives provides the necessary foundation for the successful execution of strategy.
  • Upgrading critical capabilities – Well-designed and developed capabilities are at the heart of sustainable competitive advantage in the evolving core of the company’s business.

4. Maximizing Operational Impact
Organizations that are lean in their competitive race are those that excel in their operations in ways that are fully tuned with their strategic intents. This allows them to maximize the operational impact of their strategy and to achieve sustained high performance. IAC helps you to achieve impact by:

  • Making the delivery-system efficient – Managing the company value chain in a way that efficiently delivers on strategy often requires major transformation across all the stages of the value creation process.
  • Improving customer experience – A comprehensive and integrative customer experience concept embedded across the entire value chain constitutes part of the organization’s competitive positioning and is at the heart of any business model the organization deploys.
  • Rationalizing and focusing the product/service portfolio – To achieve portfolios that are balanced and aligned with strategy, organizations must ensure that the offering maximizes competitive benefits to customers at the best use of internal resources.
  • Designing the performance metrics system – Performance metrics are important for linking long-term strategy with short-term actions. A strong performance metrics system communicates strategy, aligns work processes, and enables guidance of behavior while remaining simple to comprehend and operate.
  • Driving profit-improvement and turnaround – A successful profit-improvement plan both “stops the bleeding” and puts the company on a path toward longer-term sustainability. Ensuring a successful turnaround requires simplifying operating processes, separating out activities that don’t add significant value, and achieving greater efficiency in execution.


Driving innovation, especially the sort that can generate revenue, is no easy task. Impact Africa Consulting is a one-stop-shop Innovation services provider offering a full range of business innovation solutions and models for enterprises in Sub Saharan Africa. Since being innovative does not only mean inventing, we go further in helping you shift your business model and adapt to changes in your environment to deliver better products or services. IAC introduces successful innovation as an in-built part of your business strategy, where we help you create a culture of innovation and lead the way in innovative thinking and creative problem solving. We help our clients increase the efficiency of their employees through organisational innovation.

IAC helps in creating innovation work groups, encouraging open innovation, enhancing idea generation, and encouraging sharing of responsibility. Using our Sustainable Innovation Model, IAC will assist you in doing breakthrough innovations over and over again, which is different from typical innovators. Most enterprises are going to be “typical innovators,” and that’s fine; but we will help you achieve clarity on the direction of your innovation. We will help you clarify the goals that you want to achieve with your innovations hence driving your enterprise agility within the markets.

IAC’s Innovation Objectives include:

  • Identifying the latest innovation trends emerging in the African institutional, political, legal, and socio-economic context – for example, Circular Economy, the Internet of Things and clean technologies
  • Identifying the dynamics of good business practices of innovative companies, with a special focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Understanding the barriers to innovation and proposing policy tools to overcome them
  • Nurturing ‘win-win’ relationships between entrepreneurs, policymakers, innovation facilitators, and researchers
  • Enhancing awareness of the latest business innovation trends, success stories, and related business opportunities and barriers, through case studies, trend reports, and workshops/conferences
  • Developing research and innovation capacities by helping to create synergies with other players.

IAC works with individuals, organizations, and communities who believe that business model innovation is on the critical path to transforming our most important social systems. We help our clients design and test new business models in the real world.
Our approach to Innovation

a) Customer-centred; We help businesses shift their lenses and develop a rich understanding of the people they serve. By understanding their experience, behaviors, and motivations, businesses can identify the needs of their customers and imagine wholly new opportunities to serve them.
b) Co-Creation; We engage enterprises in the co-creation of new models, systems, and solutions. We don’t just design for clients, we design with them. From employee engagement to customer-centered thinking, we believe co-creation generates more relevant and engaging models.
c) Systems Thinking; IAC believes in working across systems hence avoiding the tendency to introduce point solutions. Systems are networks of business models that have evolved into cooperation. This is how we align incentives to drive innovation.
Bringing innovation into your business can help you save time and money and give you the competitive advantage to grow and adapt your business in the marketplace. For businesses, this could mean implementing new ideas, creating dynamic products, or improving your existing services. Innovation can be a catalyst for the growth and success of your business.
d) Design Thinking; We are a solutions-oriented organization, constantly seeking non-linear processes in understanding our client’s problems without sticking to assumptions. Creating innovative solutions is what we strive to do. The world has become increasingly interconnected and complex, and design thinking offers a means to grapple with all this change in a more human-centric manner. It has become crucial to develop and refine skills that allow us to understand and act on rapid changes in our environment and behavior.


Impact Africa supports high-potential entrepreneurs in Africa. Our services empower them to strengthen their business operations and increase their sales and profitability. The entrepreneurship development services are tailored to help private sector-led manufacturing and service industries, especially small and medium enterprises, sustainably improve their competitiveness and revenue creation potential.

IAC for instance, helps agricultural producers to increasingly use improved institutional services, efficient marketing systems, and appropriate technology and practices for a sustainable increase in agricultural production and productivity. We also provide our clients with innovative entrepreneurship skills training and provision customized business development services to new and existing MSEs.


  1. Training
  2. Business Development
  3. Innovation

1. Training
Impact Africa Consulting provides various entrepreneurship training packages in order to increase the capacity (skills and competency) of entrepreneurs. The types of training packages that IAC provides to entrepreneurs include:

  • Entrepreneurship Training Workshop
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Women Entrepreneurship Training
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Training
  • Rural Entrepreneurship Training
  • Intrapreneurship (Corporate Entrepreneurship)

2. Business Development Services
Impact Africa Consulting works with the most promising businesses to develop powerful new strategies that accelerate their growth. IAC is a partner to small and medium enterprises that seek to expand their sales and profits while also creating new jobs.

Our team of experts has the skills to identify your challenges and provide solutions to fix them. We provide our clients with a variety of services, to support their business growth. We start with a thorough business assessment and training and then close with tailored consulting.

IAC provides continuous business advisory services (including mentoring, guiding the SMEs through a growth plan, innovative financing, multi-faceted improvement and innovation, operating facilities, marketing, and access to market).

IAC Business Development Services consists of a comprehensive package of core services and ancillary interventions designed to improve the operational efficiency and enhance the competitiveness and profitability of emerging micro, small and medium enterprises both in the domestic and export markets and also small-scale farmers in the rural areas.

Our revolutionary approach to enterprise development transforms SMEs and brings the informal sector into mainstream formal economic activity. The Impact Africa Business Development Services (IABDS) department promotes the establishment of new businesses, expansion of existing businesses as well as business formalization and registration with the intended outcome to create jobs. The IABDS offers a combination of entrepreneurial and management skills training (group BDS training session) and customized business advisory services (one-to-one services) to accelerate the development of a cadre of local and internationally competitive enterprises. In addition, the department offers on-demand BDS advice to clients at each office location.

3. Innovation Services
Innovation for Development is defined as the process of designing, developing, and growing new ideas that help fix pressing unmet economic or technological development or social needs. Development challenges require innovative solutions, linking different actors and a collective tapping into bodies of knowledge and development solutions.

Innovation can be a powerful mechanism for enabling youth and women, the private sector, government entities, and civil society to come up with sustainable solutions for development challenges.
Innovation for Development is one of the key components of Impact Africa consulting to attract and promote innovation and investment that can foster entrepreneurship of our clients, be leveraged to commercialize, and finally build new businesses and create jobs in Kenya and beyond.

Impact Africa Entrepreneurship Innovation Service gives innovators and entrepreneurs a platform to innovative ideas, share experiences and exchange ideas, build networks, enhance innovation capacities and commercialize inventions.

Our Services in this category include: –
Access to information technology and working spaces:

  • IAC helps entrepreneurs in finding working space for idea incubation and networking; access to specialized patent information and research for development and innovation.
  • We also provide access to information on innovation awards, grants, and support services.
  • We provide innovative ICT solutions for innovators that can facilitate business plan preparation, financial management, information portal, and other resources
    Customized innovation training:
  • Innovation-related training such as design thinking, Intellectual Property rights, etc.
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Mentorship/business advisory services
    Innovation promotion and outlet linkages:
  • Provide linkage services to technical support/labs/facilities, financial opportunities, and guidance on patent laws and access to business premises.
  • Promotion of innovations through websites and profiles of innovators
  • Access to market linkages through exhibitions
    Partnership and market linkage opportunities