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Responsible sourcing and Due diligence

Responsible sourcing and Due diligence

The private sector has a role to play in ensuring sustainable development.  In addition to the contribution to the economy, companies are required to ensure their activities do not impact negatively on the environment, the society and that there are systems in place for good governance. 

Sustainability cuts across from the supply chain to the produced product forcing companies to go beyond their operations and include their supply chains in their sustainability journey. Sustainability has been reinforced by regulations and voluntary schemes such United Nations Guiding Principles, The UN Global Compact, the EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence, and the OECD guidelines among others.

Impact Africa Consulting Ltd. is strategically placed to provide its expertise in helping companies ensure they source responsibly by conducting social audits, human rights assessments, labor and working conditions assessments, supply chain risk assessments, and capacity building of staff. We have provided our expertise in the agricultural sector, manufacturing, extractive, and financial institutions across different countries in Africa. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Environmental and Social Due diligence and Transaction support

Investors, DFIs and private equities are increasingly looking to invest in companies that are sustainable in all their operations. They are scrutinizing the potential investee’s environmental and social impacts before deciding on an investment. Most of them require their investee companies to ensure their operations adhere to international standards such as the IFC Performance Standards, World Bank environmental and social framework and the equator principles.  This requires robust environmental and social due diligence. At Impact Africa, we are ready to help investors, private equity firms and DFI conduct robust environmental and social due diligence, come up with environmental and social summary, environmental and social action plans and monitor their clients to ensure proper environmental and social management.