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Climate Change Advisory, Carbon Assessments and Carbon Credits

Carbon Footprint Assessment and Carbon Credits

Our team has technical and management consulting expertise to develop climate change and carbon management solutions that are fit for purpose to ensure your needs are met on every assignment. Our proven strategies and models integrate climate change, energy, and water security perspectives that create synergies, drive business value, and can take your climate change adaptation and greenhouse gas management programs to the next level.

Carbon Assessments: Our carbon assessments are designed to help businesses understand and quantify their carbon footprint accurately. We assess greenhouse gas emissions across the entire value chain, identifying key areas where emissions can be reduced. Through this process, we enable businesses to measure their carbon footprint, set emission reduction targets, and develop effective climate action plans.

Carbon credits advisory: We guide organizations on their carbon credit strategies including project development based on the relevant standards. Our expertise in carbon credits empowers businesses to turn their emission reduction efforts into valuable assets. We support companies to navigate the complex carbon markets, helping them access and trade carbon credits. Other services include;

  • Assessment of physical and transition risks across your geographic portfolio (geographic screening)
  • Climate resiliency toolkit and mitigation strategy support
  • Scenario analysis (how resilient is your strategy in various potential future climate scenarios)
  • Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) gap analysis and disclosure support